A day of train travel -Konkan railway

Train travel is a fun time if you enjoy. There are problems though but ignoring that and if you can enjoy the nature then its very much fun.

If you have a habit of starting a conversation with a stranger easily that provides an advantage to you!!!
As you won’t get bored , as sometimes you will have to travel for days to reach your destination.So you will have to make conversations with strangers.

I was travelling in train last month from southern part of India (Kerala state) to northern part (Delhi).

The travel comprises of 48 hours of train travel and the train passes through many states of the country.

The travel was within the Konkan railway , which had a lot of tunnels, waterfalls , cultivation fields and natural beauty.

The travelling seems a very good experience.I would like to share a picture of the travel here.The train was stopped due to signal interference as it was a early morning picture there was misty fog and part of the train was in the tunnel.



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