Micro Shots-(Mobile click)

Basically this project is something i have done using my mobile as the title says. I always like taking micro shots and i just fall in love when i see then in some photographers facebook page or in their site.But my camera cant have that much micro shot taking capability. Even my smartphone doesn’t have best camera around.
So i did some research on micro shots using smartphones and found out about lens mount.So i decided to import those lens from chinese online site to India because they were less costly.
When it came here there where basically 3 lens + 1 mount.
Lens-micro lens, fish eye lens and wide angle lens.
Basically these pics are taken with micro lens mounted on the phone. Featured images




” Learn from the life of a rose flower , it blooms and fights till its last petal falls to keep its colour constant . So always try to keep your life colourfull till the end 🙂 “


” If you can stand out from the crowd then only you can succeed in life.”

3.Rain drops


“The smell of rain is temporary and smell of curry leaves is permanent, so when u do something do in such a way that it remains permanent not temporary”


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